Low Budget Recipe: The best banana chocolate pudding ,recipe in the comments

The best banana chocolate pudding ,recipe in the comments

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  1. Wrong subreddit or spam bot?
    This is a place for food on a budget… fresh cream, hazelnuts, multiple flours, chocolate; none of that is budget.

  2. 📹 CLICK[HERE](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kk_Q0duPd9g) for step-by-step video recipe.

    This banana chocolate pudding is so easy and simple to make. This is a great choice as daily refreshing dessert, as well as any occasion you have.


    2 bananas

    Milk 500 ml

    Sugar 35 gr

    Vanilla extract ½ tsp

    1 egg yolk

    All-purpose flour: 15 gr

    Corn flour: 10 gr

    Fresh cream: 125 ml

    Dark chocolate: 110 gr

    Hazelnuts: 50 gr


    Mash the bananas.

    In a bowl mix milk, sugar, vanilla extract, egg yolk, all-purpose flour, corn flour and mashed bananas until combined, then add fresh cream

    Pour the mixture into a pan and put on the medium flame. Keep Stirring until thickened then add dark chocolate and keep Stirring until chocolate completely melts. Bring it to boil for 2 minutes then add hazelnuts.

    Pour the dessert into serving dishes and keep them in the fridge until set

    Enjoy it 😉


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