Keto Recipe: Chicken breast cooking method by Helen Rennie

Chicken breast cooking method by Helen Rennie

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  1. Helen Rennie is an underrated YouTube channel worth watching for home cooks looking to take it to the next level and who value precision.

    This is an excellent chicken breast cooking method that cooks them like duck breasts. I’ve detailed the ‘recipe’ steps below.


    1. Chicken breast, skin on boneless


    1. Based on 2x approx 250g chicken breast
    1. Salt under skin and leave uncovered in fridge overnight to effectively brine
    1. Pat dry chicken and oil pan
    1. High heat skillet/pan and sear chicken on skin side
    1. Cover immediately and turn down to medium low for 10mins or until internal temperature reaches 52c (125f)
    1. As required, sear other side briefly or use oven to raise minimum internal temperature to required amount.
    1. Rest for at least 7 mins on warm plate
    1. Internal temperature should reach 60c (140f) – 65c (149f) while at rest
    1. Once temperature begins to lower, serve

    I’ve also eaten this cold on the next day and it is still very succulent.

    Seems like a hassle to use a thermometer but I’ve come to really enjoy the accuracy of it. Worth it to produce this meal IMHO.


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