Keto Recipe: Best breakfast mistake ever!

Best breakfast mistake ever!

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  1. I wanted a “warm tortilla” I got an amazing cracker!

    I had to form the 👆🏻as a “recipe” with instructions in order to post here.

  2. I was heating up a low carb tortilla , by laying it flat on top of the toaster. I was imagining it warm to have with my soft boiled eggs and goat cheese. Well I forgot the toaster was set at 5 and one side of my tortilla was well toasted. The other was perfect! I made a perfect cracker!!!



    2 large eggs

    1 low carb tortilla

    2 oz soft cheese. (I used goat cheese)


    Boiled the 2 eggs for 5 minutes and then peel under cold water

    One low carb tortilla, placed horizontal on top of the toaster that is on setting 4 or 5.

    Two ounces of soft cheese. Goat cheese or Brie spread on the hot toasty tortilla

  3. That looks delicious! I’ll have to try that in the future! Sounds like a pretty easy breakfast, too! Thank you for sharing.


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