Keto Recipe: Halloween carrot cake cupcakes 🎃

Halloween carrot cake cupcakes 🎃

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  1. How to video here:

    Makes around 12 servings
    Nutrition per serving:
    Calories: 128
    Carbs: 4.8g
    Protein: 5.7g
    Fat: 10g

    Carrot Cake:
    110g Greek Yogurt,
    2 Eggs,
    1 tsp Vanilla Extract,
    130g Erythritol,
    120g Shredded Carrots,
    110g Almond Flour,
    60g Walnuts,
    2 tsp Baking Powder,
    1 tsp Cinnamon,
    ½ tsp Salt,

    85g Greek Yogurt,
    20g Erythritol,
    20g Powder Erythritol,
    ½ tsp Vanilla Extract,
    ½ tsp Red Food Coloring,
    2 tsp Yellow Food Coloring,

    30g Shredded Carrots,
    1tsp Green Food Coloring,
    20g Walnuts

    ⭐️ Start with the carrot cake add Greek yogurt, egg and vanilla extract to a bowl and mix until combined

    ⭐️ In another bowl add erythritol, shredded carrots, almond flour, walnuts, baking powder, cinnamon and salt and mix

    ⭐️ Pour over the Greek yogurt mix to the carrot mix and continue mixing until combined

    ⭐️ Pour in 2 tbsp of the mix in cupcake molds

    ⭐️ Bake in the oven on 180°C |355°F for 20 min and let cool off completely

    ⭐️ Make the frosting by mixing Greek yogurt, erythritol, powder erythritol, vanilla extract, red food coloring and yellow food coloring to a bowl and mix until combined

    ⭐️ Add 10g of the shredded carrots and green food coloring to a bowl and mix until the carrots are completely green

    ⭐️ Add frosting and garnish to the cupcakes

    ⭐️ Enjoy!

    ❗️Be aware that the results and nutrition can vary due to different ingredients and brands.


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