Keto Recipe: Guacamole Dipped Steak (Steak ‘n Guac)

Guacamole Dipped Steak (Steak 'n Guac)

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  1. If I can give my unsolicited advise: gota sear the steak more so you get that nice crunch/sear on the outside, and nice pink on the inside. (very hot pan, both sides, and then lower heat to cook the inside more).
    To add to your recipe, I eat steak and guac and I add a drizzle of home made Chili mayo (mayo, sour cream or greek yogurt works too, chilies, lime juice, paprika powder, pepper, salt, mix it all) I usually have a batch ready because it’s also nice with other keto dishes like (popcorn) shrimp.

  2. Back in the day we used to eat sloppy steaks all the time. Maybe your guacamole idea is worth trying too.

  3. Hey y’all I just now somehow discovered this was simple but creatively powerful combo dish!



    * 1 avocado
    * 6 oz cooked steak (or however much you want)
    * Salt to taste
    * (1/8 tsp) Dash of Chili powder
    * (1/8 tsp) Dash of Paprika
    * (1/8 tsp) Dash of Cumin
    * (1/8 tsp) Dash of Garlic powder
    * (1/8 tsp) Dash of Black pepper
    * 1 tsp White vinegar/lemon juice (acid of your choice)
    * 1 tbsp butter/oil/chicken broth


    **For the guacamole:**

    1. Cut open an avocado and cut it in a grid pattern to get the avocado divided up easier for mashing
    2. Put cut up avocado, chili powder, paprika, cumin, garlic powder, black pepper, salt, white vinegar/lemon juice into a bowl and mash it up till there’s no chunkiness (or to your liking)

    **For the steak:**

    1. Cut your already cooked steak into small strips and cook/heat them on a pan in some butter/oil/chicken broth

  4. That guac desperately needs lime juice and some olive oil. Right now it looks like vomit ?


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