Keto Recipe: Missing risotto? Here you go!

Missing risotto? Here you go!

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  1. Amazon has Samo seeds but the package says 19g Carb per 25g serving. Is this a different product?

  2. For this keto risotto we are neither using cauliflower rice nor shirataki rice. We are using samo seeds! I discovered the samo seeds 1 week ago and they are a total game changer. The best rice replacement in my opionion! 100g of samo seeds have 13g of carbs. 50g of them are enough for a pretty good serving. You can buy it in local indian stores for pretty cheap (400g for 2,4€).


    – 150g of chopped mushrooms
    – 70g of bacon
    – 1-2 hands of fresh spinach
    – ½ onion
    – ½ tsp of minced garlic
    – 50g samo seeds
    – 150 ml chicken stock
    – 250ml water
    – Salt and Pepper to taste
    – Dash of wine
    – Thyme or italian herbs
    – Parmesan cheese

    1. Bring the chicken stock and water to a boil. Put the samo seeds in it and turn the heat on the low end to a simmer after 5 minutes. Occuring stir it.
    2. While waiting for the water to cook down and getting absorbed from the samo seeds. sweat the bacon slowly, put them aside after your own preference and them on a paper towel to let it crisp up more.
    3. Add the onions into the bacon fat with some oil of your choice and sauteé until fragrant.
    4. Turn the heat up, put some more oil into the pan, throw the mushrooms in it and after 3-4 minutes you can turn the heat lower again and let them cook down.
    5. Mix the minced garlic, salt and pepper to taste and the italian herbs into it.
    6. If your samo seeds absorbed already most of the water mix it together into the pan with the shrooms and everyhting else.
    7. Use a dash of white wine and let it cook off.
    8. Throw some spinach and the most of the bacon bits into it and stir it.
    9. Grate some parmesan cheese in or only on top of it and if you want to you can garnish it on the side with some chilli flakes and the rest of the bacon bits.

    Made it the first time but I loved it. Will do some risotta with salmon next 🙂


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