Keto Recipe: Keto Cheesy Pork Katsu

Keto Cheesy Pork Katsu

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  1. Keto Cheesy Pork Katsu

    Video tutorial:

    Nutrition (for 3 Pork Katsu Rolls)

    Calories: 462

    Protein: 22g

    Carbs: Less than 1g

    Fiber: 0g

    Sugar: 0g

    Fat: 41g


    Recipe (for 6 Pork Katsu Rolls):

    3 oz Thinly sliced pork belly

    1/4 Shredded cheese

    1 Egg

    1 oz Pork rind Panko

    Unflavored protein powder (for dusting)

    1 sheet Nori seaweed

    Avocado or olive oil (for frying)


    Kewpie mayo

    Dried parsley


    1. Layer thin slices of pork belly into a square shaped slab. (I used hotpot/shabu pork belly)
    2. Cut out small squares out of Nori seaweed and place them on top of the pork belly slabs.
    3. Add shredded cheese on top of seaweed.
    4. Roll up the pork belly slab tightly.
    5. Dust your pork belly rolls with unflavored keto protein powder.
    6. Creating an egg wash by whisking an egg until it is well mixed and smooth.
    7. Dunk your pork belly rolls in the egg wash then completely coat them in pork rind Panko.
    8. Shallow fry your pork belly rolls in avocado oil at 350F for 1 minute per side or until they are golden brown. (The thin pork belly cooks fast!)
    9. Cut your cheesy pork katsu in half diagonally, then garnish with Mayo and dried parsley.
    10. Enjoy!!!

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