Keto Recipe: Hollandaise’d Cheeseburger PSMF Sliders

Hollandaise'd Cheeseburger PSMF Sliders

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  1. What’s up Ramseys, just came back with delish results from a new combination experiment, in the picture, it’s pan toasted PSMF egg white buns, topped with cheeseburger casserole, then finished on top with a dollop hollandaise!


    * Cheeseburger casserole: 6 eggs and raw 1.5lbs ground beef combined topped with cheese to liking, and baked for 45 mins on 325f
    * Hollandaise: 2tbs butter, 1 egg yolk, dash of vinegar and water, keep whisking over low heat till texture is to liking
    * PSMF buns (my version of the creators recipe 3/4cup liquid egg white, 1/4cup egg white powder, dash of cream of tartar, and whip until very stiff peaks and bake for 15-20mins on 325f, then cut open and toast on pan with mayo/butter


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