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Buffalo almonds

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  1. I am super lazy, so this is as easy as it gets.

    Raw almonds (I buy the bags at Costco)

    As much butter as you want. A lot!

    As much Frank’s Red Hot as you want.

    I just stir it all around in the frying pan until everything gets absorbed and the almonds are very hot. Then I stir it around some more. Then turn it off and let it cool.

    Such a delicious, spicy, buttery snack. It’s saved me from the chips the kids have on top of the fridge time and time again.

  2. Do they absolutely have to be raw almonds? I’ve tried it with natural almonds and the butter/hot sauce completely hasn’t absorbed at all

  3. What do you put into the pan first? Do you just simmer it until the liquid it gone?


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