Low Budget Recipe: “Perfect French Fries”- Soak potatoes, dry potatoes, fry potatoes, drain potatoes, then fry again! (Recipe in the comments)


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  1. These homemade french fries are potatoes that are cut into sticks and deep fried until golden brown, then sprinkled with seasonings. Homemade fries are WAY better than anything you’d get at a restaurant, and are fun and easy to make.

    CLICK [HERE](https://youtu.be/A9tjuaE0-Oc) for step-by-step video recipe.


    For Chili Salt Seasoning:

    • Chilli Powder – 1/2 tsp

    • Salt – 1/4 tsp

    • Garlic Powder (Optional) – 1/4 tsp


    • Potatoes (Washed & Peeled) – 4 Large

    • Cold Water (For Rinsing)

    • Oil (For Frying)

    • Juice of 1 Lemon/Lime (Optional)


    1. Wash and peel the potatoes.

    2. If you want square fries, trim off a little of the round parts of the potato to square it up a little. Then cut into finger shape batons.

    3. The ideal size is 1 square cm or slightly less than half an inch. Place them cut batons into a large bowl full of fresh water. This will help remove the starch.

    4. Rinse well, then drain the water, re fill the bowl with cold water add lemon/lime juice and give them a second rinse. I have added lemon/lime juice to add mild tanginess to the fries.

    5. Drain once more and using a clean absorbent kitchen towel, pat dry in kitchen towel to remove excess moisture.

    6. Place your oil on high heat and bring to a temperature of 270°F – 130°C.

    7. Blanch the fries for 7 to 8 mins or until the potatoes turn tender. they will not go brown at this stage.

    8. Drain off over kitchen towel and cool completely.

    9. Now that the fries have cooled down, bring back the oil to a temperature of 350°F – 180°C.

    10. Deep fry in hot oil. Or fry the frozen fries (as shown in the video recipe).

    11. Stir occasionally.

    12. Fry in oil for approx 4 minutes, or until they are crisp and reach you desired color. Light golden brown is best.

    13. Drain off to remove excess oil.

    14. Sprinkle chilli salt seasoning. This step is optional. If you’re a purist at heart, then simply use a fine salt.

    Enjoy fries with tomato ketchup or eat it as is!


    • If you are looking to freeze the potatoes, then you can freeze the fries in zip lock bag upto 3 months.

    • Once finished, let the oil cool down then filter using a paper towel or coffee filter in a funnel and pour back into their original containers. Filtering will make your oil last longer.

    • Avoid over heating your oil as you will damage it’s integrity. Never use a smoking oil.

    • Potatoes with high sugar content will give you the worse results. They will brown too quick and be floppy. Usually new potatoes are best. Try and buy low sugar content potatoes for perfect fries. Potatoes can rise their sugar levels in long term storage, usually in winter.

  2. Thank you for sharing this! I just read a post that referenced this double-fry method and had no details and was wishing I could find a recipe.


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