Keto Recipe: Cream cheese and olives pinwheels

Cream cheese and olives pinwheels

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  1. I don’t know if these would appeal to anyone else, but I grew up eating cream cheese and olives, so I love it. My favorite way to eat this is on saltines, but that’s not very keto friendly.


    Cream cheese

    Spanish olives (with the pimentos)

    Low-carb tortilla

    Slice or chop olives (I used a food processor this time). Mix with softened cream cheese. Spread into tortilla and roll the tortilla into a log. Slice into pieces about a half an inch wide. Eat.

    You can try this mixture on any low-carb chips, crackers, bread. Maybe use it as a veggie dip. When I was a kid, I used it on a sandwich. You can also eat it plain.

    I used way too many olives this time. It’s really salty. Just taste as you go and see how you like it.

  2. My great aunt used to make cream cheese, olive, and watercress sandwiches and they were delicious. This is a great idea!


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