Keto Recipe: Pork Chops + Creamy Braised Kraut + Roasted Daikon Radish

Pork Chops + Creamy Braised Kraut + Roasted Daikon Radish

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  1. Upside to lockdown last year, I got much more comfortable cooking for my professional chef husband.

    Crank oven to 400°. Roughly chop a couple of daikon radish into wedges a la the forbidden potato. Toss in a bowl with salt, pepper, olive oil, and any other keto spices/seasoning that strike your fancy. Put on a sheet tray and roast, turn em once they start to brown. They’re done when you can poke through with a sharp knife, but I prefer to let them go a little longer so they lose as much bitterness as possible.

    Pork chops (thicc and bone in here) seasoned with salt and pepper on both sides, quick sear (2-3 minutes per side) in a very hot pan. Remove and let rest (will continue cooking.)

    Turn burner down to about medium, and in the same pan add enough of your fat of choice (peanut oil here, bacon fat is a great choice) to coat the pan in a thin layer. I had shallots so threw in a whole diced one of those, but any onion or garlic would be lovely. Sauté til translucent but not brown, add some kraut and a spoon or two of grainy mustard. You’re really just trying to get it warm at this point – when it’s heated through throw in a splash of heavy cream because keto (and delicious.)


    My husband makes his own sauerkraut and it is 1000x better than anything I’ve ever had from a store and it’s literally just cabbage, water, and salt. If anyone wants a keto equivalent of a sourdough starter to baby, I can ask him for pointers for the care and feeding of pickles and ferments.

  2. Brilliant, simple, and easy! I love the roasted daikon idea, but the meal combo is perfect. You have convinced me to make kraut. I was skeptical, but the meal combo looks so good I want to give it a try.


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