Keto Recipe: Reason #1647 to break down whole chicken

Reason #1647 to break down whole chicken

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  1. This is a wok rendering chicken skin for that good good chicken fat and a little treat of crispy skin to reward yourself for breaking down that chicken

    – pull off and chop all chicken skin you can/want into 1 inch pieces (ie sometimes I’ll leave skin on thighs for cooking, today I decided to shred the thighs that skin got tossed in here too)
    – put a pan on low heat
    – cook for about 10-20 minutes, letting the fat come out and fry those bits up
    – poke occasionally to prevent sticking and break up clumps
    – pull skin out into paper towel on a wire rack, monch as you do do your prep with the rest of the chicken (today was poaching the dark meat for shredding while roasting the bones for stock)


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