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Keto Cinnamon Rolls

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  1. Sticky Buns… 1 Carb per bun.. Half was gone before I had a chance to try it. My very opinionated teens approved it. Amazingly it’s keto and hard to believe it actually is.

    I also made some glaze by mixing inulin and water. I know not many people have that as an ingredient so I didn’t include in the recipe and it’s not necessary.

    If you happened to have it, mix 3 tbs of inulin with 1 cup water.

    Inulin is a prebiotic, full of fiber, slightly sweet and mine is made from Jerusalem artichoke. I use it in my chocolates as well.

    Prebiotics help with your gut bacteria. Promote building a healthy flora. And not having a healthy flora down there is correlated with obesity.

    SERVINGS: 12-14

    PREP TIME: 1 hour

    COOK TIME: 25 mins

    NET CARBS: 1g

    CALORIES: 100

    Ingredients and full instructions are below? For tips, substitution information and photos visit my blog at [Goalz Keto Chocolate]( website: [](




    1/2 Cup Warm Water

    1/4 Cup Heavy Cream

    1/2 tbs Yeast

    1/2 ts Inulin or Sugar

    1 egg

    2 tbs butter, melted

    1/3 Cup Allulose

    1/2 Cup Vital Wheat Gluten

    1/3 Cup Lupin Flour

    1/4 Cup Oat Fiber



    4 tbs Butter, softened

    1/4 Cup Allulose (any granulated sweetener)

    1 tbs Cinnamon


    **Topping Optional**

    1 Cup Pecans, crushed coarsely

    1/4 Cup Allulose

    1/4 Cup Water




    1- Mix Vital wheat gluten, lupin flour and oat fiber together to make your flour

    2- Mix yeast, egg, water, inulin, allulose and heavy cream in the stand mixer bowl

    3- Start the mixer on slow, mix for a few minutes

    4- Add ‘Flour’ in 2-3 batches, continue mixing on slow

    5- Add in butter

    6- Continue to knead the dough, still on slow until it leaves the sides and form a nice dough, about 6-8 minutes

    7- Cover the dough with greased plastic wrap or damp kitchen cloth

    8- Let the dough rise double in size, about 30 mins to an hour in a warm place, (Rising time depends on the environment)

    9- Roll the dough into a rectangle



    1- Mix allulose and water in a small pot and heat on medium high until the mixture starts to caramelize

    2- Grease an 8 inch pan and sprinkle pecans

    3- Top with caramelized allulose

    4- In the mean time, smear the softened butter on to the rolled dough evenly

    5- Mix allulose and cinnamon

    6- Sprinkle evenly over the buttered dough



    1- Roll the dough from the long end and cut about 2 inches thick pieces

    2- Line rolls over the pecans, slightly touching each other

    3- Start the oven and pre heat to 300F on convection, 325 regular oven

    4- Bake 25-30 minutes until the tops get golden brown

    5- Invert onto a large plate after it cooled down

    For photos of the various stages check out the blog post: [](


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