Keto Recipe: Keto Coleslaw and Bratwurst. Super easy and filling.

Keto Coleslaw and Bratwurst. Super easy and filling.

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  1. If I could, I would eat buckets of keto coleslaw. But my intestines would straight up just give up and give me a perennial fart that would lift me to heaven if I were to do that.

    So I don’t. BUT I WOULD!

  2. Thanks for the slaw recipe, so easy. I would add a scoop of sauerkraut and some brown mustard to the brat!

  3. I do something similar as regards the coleslaw. However I don’t add any sweetener, it really doesn’t need it, carrots are sweet enough.

    As coleslaw is a nice and easy side to make, I prepare the cabbage and carrots for a few days. (Store covered in the fridge without any wet ingredients). Add whatever ‘dressing’ you want on the day and it doesn’t go watery or separated.

  4. Yummm-Stinking -O! Was just hoping to find a great Keto Cole Slaw recipe and couldn’t be happier to see this one pop up.

  5. Love this dressing! I frequently interchange cabbage slaw mix with broccoli slaw mix. If it’s for my MIL it’s the broccoli. If it’s for home it’s cabbage. Tastes great either way. Ooh and it’s awesome on keto bbq pork sandwiches too.


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