Keto Recipe: Chorizo/Beef burgers; 420 calories and approximately 3 carbs each

Chorizo/Beef burgers; 420 calories and approximately 3 carbs each

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  1. That looks amazing. Those buns actually look like bread too. I can’t do the cheese “bread.” I’ll have to try those

  2. Came up with this idea when I had some ground beef and chorizo that needed to get cleared out of the fridge.

    – 1 lb 85/15 ground beef
    – 1 lb chorizo, loose sausage style (closest approximation is Botto’s links, casing removed)
    – Smoked gouda slices from Aldi (Happy Farms)
    – Aldi keto buns (L’Oven Fresh)
    – Dill pickle chips

    1. Mix both meats together until evenly distributed, form into 1/4 lb patties.
    2. Cook the burgers til med-well or 140-145° (the fat in the chorizo will keep them from getting dry).
    3. Melt cheese slices over burgers after the last flip.

    All I added were pickles for toppings, but feel free to add whatever and adjust accordingly. I’m really looking forward to tomato season to kick off in earnest so I can add some thick slices.

    No insta or blog to promote, just pleased with how this came out!

    ETA: the carb count comes to about 3.7 with pickle chips, but I can’t edit the title.

  3. What’s funny is when I first start keto a few years back, I kept looking for things that mimic bread, pasta and rice. Now that I have those options for Shirataki noodles, keto rice, and plenty of low carb tortilla and bread, I only use them probably once a month. Just not looking for alternatives anymore. Just enjoy eating food that’s not trying to mimic a loaded carb meal anymore. Love my greens now! I don’t even like bacon as much anymore like when I first started.

    But one thing we can stay away from is dessert! My wife can pretty much make anything, and people trying them out can’t tell the difference from that lodes sugar high carb ones from her version.

  4. Looks delicious. I’m going to have to see if my local Aldi has these buns

  5. Well, I certainly love burgers and chorizo, so I’ll probably give this a try. Our Aldi doesn’t have the Keto rolls, though. However, I resigned myself long ago to munching the burgers without rolls. Even the Schmidts 647 rolls end up with 14 net grams of carbs, which is way more than I need. It doesn’t take many to put me to sleep. Thanks for this!

  6. Are those buns basically a blob of vital wheat gluten? I’ve looked into other aldi low carb items and thats what they are. I don’t wanna make a special trip if that’s what these are

  7. imo, i found it best to just avoid all processed foods even the keto friendly options. while its nice to have more options that are low carb i became sceptical about what it takes for our bodies to process. we just dont know past the promise of “3 carbs per serving”

    i would be interested to hear what your blood sugar and ketone levels are after such a meal if you recorded them?

  8. I hate chorizo and that shit is super unhealthy. There is some fat that will clog up your heart valves and that and fried pork meat is definitely one. I’m keeping it clean keto but enjoy.

  9. This reads as a recipe for blocked arteries. Carbs are your friends, not saturated fats.


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