Keto Recipe: KETO/LOW CARB Chicken Burger Quesadillas!

KETO/LOW CARB Chicken Burger Quesadillas!

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  1. Video of me making them if you’d like to watch:


    2 low carb tortillas, one with the outer edges cut off to roughly be the exact same size as the chicken burger that you are using. Alternatively you can use a mission balance low carb burrito wrap.

    1 chicken burger, we used the simple truth brand

    2 slices of provolone cheese


    1 tbsp mayonnaise (preferably olive or avocado oil based)

    1 tbsp no sugar added ketchup

    1 tbsp mustard

    1 dash of diced onions


    1. Place chicken burgers in frying pan or on grill and cook until thoroughly cooked through. (165 F)

    2. Grab a low carb wrap and place a slice of cheese (or a pile of freshly grated cheese) into the center of the wrap.

    3. Add mayo and/or other desired ingredients

    4. Add chicken burger to the center on top of the cheese and other desired ingredients.

    5. Add additional unadded ingredients on top of the burger, we added ketchup, mustard, and diced onions

    6. Place second slice of cheese and then the smaller cut out circle of your second low carb wrap on top of that.

    7. Wrap bottom low carb wrap around and onto the top of the smaller cut out wrap, evenly going around the outside to ensure that it is sealed all around.

    8. Place folded wrap fold side down onto a medium low frying pan and cook until fold adhere to the center of the wrap and desired doneness.

    9. Flip quesadilla over and cook top side until desired doneness is reached.

    10. Enjoy your chicken burger quesadilla!

    Nutrition Facts

    (I am not a licensed nutritionist, this information was gathered using a nutrition app. I also used the mission balance low carb burrito wrap in my calculations because I figured I used about the same amount of tortilla.)

    Servings: 1

    Calories: 520

    Total Fat 27.2g

    Total Carbohydrate 35.2g

    Dietary Fiber 26.5g

    Net Carbs 8.7g

    Protein 54g


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