Low Budget Recipe: Steamed Scallion Buns/Flower Rolls (Recipe in Comments)

Steamed Scallion Buns/Flower Rolls (Recipe in Comments)

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  1. hi r/budgetfood. Made some steamed scallion buns and wanted to share the recipe for them. They’re super simple to make and are pillow-y soft. It only uses a handful of ingredients, and even some of the more expensive ones can be subbed out for more economical options. Also have a video of the recipe too.

    [Take a look here in interested](https://youtu.be/m0gdTArWdf8)


    – 2 ¾ Cups Flour (350g)

    – 1 tsp Active Dry Yeast

    – 1 tsp Baking Powder

    – 1 Tbsp Sugar

    – 2 Tbsp Cornstarch

    – 1 Cup Water (240ml)**

    – Sesame Oil (Can sub with neutral oil if more cost efficient)

    – 2 Scallions (Can sub with 1/2 cup of diced onions if more cost efficient)

    **Start with adding ½ cup of water (120ml), then add in small intervals until you get a workable dough


    1. Add the flour, yeast, baking powder, and sugar to a large mixing bowl
    2. Add the corn starch and 6 Tbsp of the water (90ml) to a smaller bowl, mix it around to evenly incorporate the starch and make a slurry
    3. Microwave the slurry in increments of 20 seconds, stirring it in between each increment, until it becomes a thick paste then set aside to cool for a bit
    4. Heat water to as hot as you can handle it with your hands, and add to the larger mixing bowl along with the starch paste
    5. Mix and knead the dough till it becomes smooth and no dry spots remain
    6. Cover and let rise in a warm area till it doubles in size
    7. While it’s rising, slice the scallions into thin rounds, then set aside for later
    8. Once the dough has risen, press it down with the pads of your fingertips. Lightly flour a work surface and take the dough out of the bowl and turn it out onto the floured surface
    9. Begin to roll it out into a rectangle
    10. Drizzle sesame oil onto the rectangle and spread it all over the surface of the dough
    11. Sprinkle the sliced scallions on the dough’s surface
    12. Take one edge of the dough and roll it towards the opposite end
    13. Slice the rolled up dough into rounds
    14. Take one round and stack it on top of another one
    15. Use a chopstick and press down the center line, lengthwise, of the rounds. This should expose the rolled up scallions and have them point towards the ceiling
    16. Put aside the chopstick and grab the 2 ends of the dough rounds, pulling them apart with gentle pressure
    17. While pinching the ends with your hands, twist the dough rounds, then take the two ends and join them together.
    18. Let the dough rest/proof in a warm area till it increases in size by 50%
    19. While it’s resting/proofing, get the steamer ready. Make sure the surface on which the buns will steam is non-stick, covered with oiled parchment, or has napa cabbage leaves on it to ensure the buns don’t stick when you try to take them out at the end.
    20. Once the dough has risen by 50%, and the water in the steamer is boiling, put the buns into the steamer and cook for 8 – 10 mins.
    21. Take them out and enjoy!

    These are a staple in many Chinese households. Akin to bread in the West. Let me know if you made it too! Would love to see hoe they turned out.


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