Low Budget Recipe: Korean Rolled Omelette Recipe ?

Korean Rolled Omelette Recipe ?

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  1. Add your favourite veggies to egg yolk and try out these delicious korean rolled omelette! It’s a simple recipe your entire family will enjoy

    [Video Recipe](https://youtu.be/WOE5G5_3xMw) ◀︎ Here is Step by Step Video Recipe! Please turn on English subtitles.

    ## [Recipe]

    ## Ingredients (2 servings)

    – 10 eggs. (Use 6 eggs for smaller egg rolls)
    – 1 red bell pepper
    – 90g garlic chive
    – 2T starch powder
    (salt, pepper, cooking oil)

    ## Directions

    – Separate the egg whites and yolks and set aside in a mixing bowl.
    – Add 1T water, 2 pinches of salt and pepper to the egg yolk and mix.
    – Cut off the top and bottom, then remove the seeds from a red bell pepper and chop into small pieces for the egg yolk mixture.
    – Chop 90g garlic chives and mix them with egg yolk.
    – Add 2 pinches of salt and 2T of starch powder to the egg whites and mix well until the powder is no longer visible. (Be sure to add starch powder. This will prevent the egg whites from sticking to the pan)
    – Maintain medium-low heat and spread oil evenly on the pan.
    – Pour the egg yolk into the pan and roll it up once the bottom side is slightly cooked.
    – Repeat 3 times while spreading oil to the pan each time.
    – Once again, repeat the previous step 3 times, but with the egg whites.
    – When pouring the last egg whites, reduce the heat to low to finish the egg roll without burning the outside.
    – Make one more egg roll with the remaining ingredients.
    – After cooling, cut into triangles.

  2. What are the little radish looking garnishes made from? Kind of looks like birds eye chili?

  3. What is starch powder? I’ve been trying to find other references and/or brands but haven’t found anything other than plain potato starch.


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