Keto Recipe: Egg, Bacon and cheese breakfast muffins!

Egg, Bacon and cheese breakfast muffins!

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  1. Again apologies for poor quality photos – My camera (and camera skills) suck!

    This turned out rather great – a little sickly due to lots of egg, but it really satisfied my urge for a mcmuffin from mcdonalds. I didn’t have a sausage patty on hand, so made do with egg, american cheese and bacon, with a tiny bit of ketchup!

    Recipe- Followed Nicko’s kitchen’s 90 second low carb keto bread recipe – Very nice!

    : 3 tablespoons almond flour

    1 tablespoon butter

    1 egg,

    1/2 teaspoon baking powder.

    Mix all ingredients into a bowl until well incorporated, and pour into a ramakin (or small tupperware). Place in microwave for 90 seconds.

    When done, remove from tupperware/ramakin, and slice in half – Fry both sides in a little butter.

    Assemble sandwich with chosen ingredients – Profit!

    Very quick and easy breakfast – also very filling! I think this would travel well for a packed lunch, especially if toasted prior!

    I’ll be playing with this recipe to make some sandwiches for lunches at work, but impressed so far!

    Net carb count including ketchup and american cheese is aprox 4g per sandwich – can certainly make lower if you wish!


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