Keto Recipe: Keto Friendly Cucumber Salad

Keto Friendly Cucumber Salad

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  1. Recipe:
    1. Shred cucumbers and leave in fridge for extra crisp
    2. Prepare your mortar and pestle, start off by smashing 3-4 cloves of freshly cleaned and peeled garlic
    3. Add dried chillis into the mix and continue to smash the mixture together
    4. Squeeze in some limes – normally I’d use around 3 limes per salad
    5. If you like your salad with a bit of sweetness, add your sweetener of choice
    6. Add in your keto friendly fish sauce (one with 1% sugar or stevia substitute)
    7. If you have some pickled anchovies at hand, feel free to put some into the mix now
    8. Also chop up one tomato for the salad and mix it into the sauce in the mortar
    9. Add the chopped up cucumbers, mix well and serve immediately.


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