Low Budget Recipe: A tangy rice “Pulihora/Tamarind Rice” with a divine taste simply amazing! (Recipe in the comments)

A tangy rice

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  1. An easy and flavored south Indian style rice recipe made with cooked rice, tamarind extract and spices. The recipe is generally made in temples and serve as prasadam, but can also be served for lunch boxes and dinner meal. You can enjoy Andhra style pulihora with curd or papad.

    CLICK [HERE](https://youtu.be/G8wt2pZ3b-M) for step-by-step video recipe.


    For Masala Powder:

    – Mustard Seeds

    – Urad Dal – 1 tsp

    – Cumin/Jeera

    – Chana Dal – 1 tbsp

    – Coriander seeds – 1 tbsp

    – Methi/Fenugreek – 1/4 tsp

    – Sesame Seeds – 1 tsp

    – Dried Red Chilli – 2 broken

    – Hing/Asafoetida – Pinch

    For Tamarind Mixture:

    – Oil – 2 tbsp

    – Mustard Seeds – 1 tsp

    – Urad Dal – 1 tsp

    – Chana Dal – 2 tbsp

    – Peanuts – 4 tbsp

    – Few Ginger Pieces

    – Dried Red Chilli – 2 broken

    – Few Curry Leaves

    – Green Chilli – 4 slit

    – Tamarind Extract – 2 cups

    – Turmeric/Haldi – 1 tsp

    – Salt – 1 tsp

    – Jaggery – 1 tbsp

    For Rice Seasoning:

    – Cooked & Cooled Rice – 3 cups

    – Oil – 1 tbsp

    – Salt – 1 tsp

    – Turmeric/Haldi – 1 tsp

    Soaking Tamarind: Rinse and soak tamarind in hot water and make a thick paste by

    squeezing. Filter to remove stones and debris. Set this aside.


    Step 1: Rice Seasoning

    1. Take a large bowl. To it add cooked and cooled rice.
    2. Next add salt, turmeric and oil. Mix all together.
    3. Keep it aside.

    Step 2: Tamarind Mixture

    1. In a large kadai heat oil and splutter mustard, urad dal, chana dal, peanuts, and dried red chilli.

    Also add few curry leaves and green chillies. Saute slightly.

    2. Now add tamarind extract, turmeric, salt and jaggery.

    3. Mix well, cover and boil for 10 minutes stirring in between.

    4. cook until the tamarind extract thickens.

    Step 3: Masala Powder

    1. Take a pan dry roast mustard, urad dal, cumin, chana dal, coriander seeds, methi, sesame and dried red chilli.
    2. Roast until the spices turn aromatic.
    3. Cool completely and blend to a fine powder.

    Step 4: Combine All the Above

    1. Add the tamarind mixture to the seasoned bowl of rice.
    2. To it add 1 tbsp masala powder.
    3. Mix gently making sure the pulihora mixture and the masala powder are well combined with the rice.

    Enjoy Andhra style pulihora with curd or papad.


    1. Pulihora tastes best after sitting for a couple of hours from the time of preparation.
    2. For the Temple Tamarind Rice, we need a little more Oil than usual. It tastes better only with Oil. If the Oil is not adequate, it just sticks to our mouth and does not taste good.

  2. In school I had a Telegu friend and this is my all time favorite dish. It’s so spicy and tangy and delicious… now I want some!


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