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  1. Hey all. Back with another recipe and this time it is one of my weekly staples. It is super simple to make and only requires a few ingredients.

    Macros for the entire serving (I ate about 10 pieces before taking the picture haha): 514 cals, 1g carbs, 59g protein, 31g fat

    Note* it is a little bit challenging to accurately calculate the fat macros (and thus the total calories) due to the shallow frying method which I use. When I follow the recipe there is usually only trace amounts of oil left over so I have done the calculation to include all 20g of oil used.

    If you want to avoid this uncertainty you can try to bake these in the oven or air fryer but I am not sure how crispy they will turn out.


    * 250g chicken thighs
    * 15g unflavoured whey protein isolate
    * 1g each of dried herbs, onion powder, garlic powder & smoked paprika
    * Salt, pepper & chilli powder to taste
    * 20g avocado oil (or any other unflavoured oil with a high smoke point)


    1. Mix whey protein isolate with herbs and spices listed above
    2. Cut chicken thighs into bite sized pieces
    3. Heat oil in a small flat saucepan (try to use a pan with a large surface areas so that the oil is only around 3mm/0.1 inches deep)
    4. Coat half the pieces of chicken in protein powder and shake off any excess
    5. Once oil is heated add the chicken to the pan and leave to cook
    6. After 3 minutes flip each piece of chicken to cook the other side
    7. Continue cooking until the chicken is appropriately brown to your liking and set on a wire rack to allow any excess oil to cook
    8. Repeat steps 4-7 for the remaining pieces of chicken
    9. Enjoy on its own or serve with a dipping sauce of your choice! (My go to is garlic aioli mixed with sugar free tomato sauce (ketchup))

    Pre keto KFC popcorn chicken used to be one of my favourite fast food options so I am so glad I have this version which I can make at home that tastes just as good. Before trying to use whey protein as the ‘breading’ I tried almond flour, coconut flour and pork rinds and none of them came anywhere close to achieving the taste or texture of WPI. If you haven’t tried it yet I would definitely recommend giving it a go.

    The first few times I tried this recipe I followed a traditional egg wash then ‘breading’ approach but I found it made the protein powder really sticky and hard to work with. Since removing the egg from the equation I found the protein powder still sticks really well to the chicken and hardly clumps up at all (as long as you work in two separate batches).

    I also tried this recipe using chicken breast instead of thighs but it turned out super dry so I probably wouldn’t recommend that unless you really want to lower the fat macros to save on calories.

    You can also change up the added spices to your liking to really mimic that signature KFC taste.


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