Keto Recipe: Small Keto snack hack I wanted to share

Small Keto snack hack I wanted to share

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  1. Warning on the white cheddar. I can just dip my fingers in it. I’m obsessed

  2. I do the same but on amazon they sale 2 pounds of some real white cheddar powder that’s amazing

  3. Just some simple 0 carb popcorn seasoning and pork rinds, Walmart had like 10 different flavors, ranch and white cheddar are my favorite so far. Really helps w the crunchy chip cravings I suffer from regularly. I’m not a huge fan of the flavor of pork rinds but this really really covers up that flavor for me, reminds me of white cheddar popcorn I love it

  4. I HAVE BEEN DOING THIS FOR MONTHS! Apparently those flavor shakes have no carbs… Never understood why there are no cheese flavored pork rinds

  5. I put that one nuts sometimes and roast in the air fryer, or ranch seasoning. Both are addictive!


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