Keto Recipe: Braised Coney and Roasted Turnips -Hobbit Style! (Recipe in Comments)

Braised Coney and Roasted Turnips -Hobbit Style! (Recipe in Comments)

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  1. Been wanting to try this for over a year, since noticing that our locale butcher had rabbit. Or as the Hobbit in me calls them, Coneys! 

    In a Dutch Oven, browned rabbit (2) quarters in avocado oil and salt and pepper, place aside. Deglazed with 1/4 cup white wine. 2 tbls butter added 1 chopped sweet onion, 3 small bay leaves, chopped fresh sage, rosemary and thyme 1-2 tsp each. 8-10 minutes till soft. 3 whole cloves garlic, cook about 1 minute till it releases fragrance, don’t let it burn. Add rabbit back in Dutch oven, 2 cups chicken stock to 1/2-1/4 covered. Set on simmer for about 2 hours until tender, mine took about 2.25 hours to get there. Remove meat and reduce stock to desired thickness. Plate and spoon over


    Radish’s Clean, dice, avocado oil, salt and pepper. Added a little rosemary and thyme I had left over. Tossed then placed on a sheet pan and roasted at 375 till brown and tinder. Checked at 30 minutes, took about 45 due to size. 

    Edit: forgot the bay leaves… remove those before serving, FYI

  2. I had never heard rabbits called coneys before. It explains why the Spanish word is conejo!


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