Keto Recipe: Bacon Wrapped Chicken Filet

Bacon Wrapped Chicken Filet

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  1. Video Tutorial:
    1lb chicken tenderloins

    1 2 oz package of corned beef

    2 strips thick-cut bacon

    1/2 tsp Seasoning of choice

    2 skewers

    1) Cut your chicken into bite-sized pieces and toss in 1/2 tsp of your seasoning of choice until all of the chicken has been thoroughly coated. Set aside at room temp for 20 minutes to lightly cure.

    2) Cut your corned beef into quarters and separate the slices.

    3) Take half of your chicken and half of your corned beef and begin roughly layering them together. Once layered, form into a disc and wrap tightly with bacon and skewer all the way through. Repeat until all ingredients are used up.

    4) Place onto a baking sheet and into an oven set to 450°F for 30 minutes or until the center reads 160°F near the skewer. Let rest for 5 minutes and enjoy.

  2. I make something similar to this, without the corned beef (I will try your version, sounds good). – but mine is covered in mozzarella cheese, and stuffed with extra sharp cheddar too.


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