Keto Recipe: Fried up some fresh caught snapper

Fried up some fresh caught snapper

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  1. Was craving a fish fry, so I whipped up a keto friendly breading.

    – 2lbs of a firm white fish (snapper here)
    – 1/2 cup Blanched Almond Flour
    – 1/2 cup Coconut Flour
    – 1 tsp salt
    – 1/2 tsp pepper
    – 1/2 tsp garlic powder
    – 1/2 tsp paprika
    – 1/2 tsp celery salt
    – 2 large eggs
    – Avocado oil

    Mix flours well, add spices to eggs and whisk well. Heat up avocado oil to 350-400 deg F. Cut fish in to manageable pieces. Dip in egg and dredge in flour. Fry in batches of five pieces for 3 minutes or so. Sprinkle with kosher salt while hot. Enjoy with lemon and tartar sauce.

  2. I initially thought that was a big batch of turkey dinosaurs 🙁

  3. Delicious!

    Pork rind panko is my go to for fried fish up here in Alaska.

  4. This looks really awesome. Perfect keto mouthwatering dish! I’m surely gonna make it. I guess, I would try it in the Air fryer instead of deep frying. What do you suggest?

  5. Man, you could have just cooked it on the oven, or pan seared. Would save you a crazy amount of calories in there. If you do all that to reach fat macros, you can have a couple of avocados with olive, or any other kind of oil you prefer, on the side.


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