Keto Recipe: Mexican tlayuda with chorizo and cotija

Mexican tlayuda with chorizo and cotija

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  1. I was missing tlayudas eaten on rooftops in Oaxaca, so I made a mini one for myself!


    1 low carb tortilla (I used Maria and Ricardos whole wheat from Whole Foods – would recommend something with grain if you eat grain, an egg or cheese wrap doesn’t quite do it)

    1 tsp duck fat or lard

    2-3 oz fresh chorizo

    2 oz Oaxaca cheese (low moisture mozzarella works fine too)

    .5 – 1 oz cotija cheese for crumbling on top

    .5 – 1 oz crunchy greens (frisee, green cabbage, lettuce)

    .5 – 1 oz thinly sliced avocado

    Squeeze of lime

    (Optional) sliced radish, cilantro


    1. Cut and shred the Oaxaca cheese, veggie toppings

    2. (Optional) In an air fryer or oven set to very low, dry out your tortilla or wrap for a few min to ensure it won’t get soggy

    3. Fry chorizo on medium-high heat until crispy and set aside, reserving excess grease in the pan

    4. Turn heat to low and lay your tortilla in the same pan, making use of that good chorizo grease

    5. Slather top of tortilla with the duck fat

    6. Sprinkle tortilla with Oaxaca cheese and leave in pan until cheese is melted and tortilla is crisp

    7. Remove tortilla from pan and top with chorizo, cotija, greens, avocado, lime. Crunch away!


    My macros for the loaded up tlayuda as pictured: 7 g net carbs, 36 g fat, 31 g protein, 501 calories.


    YMMV depending on how much meat and cheese you use, and don’t go too crazy on avocado (you don’t *need* more creaminess, I promise) – but most of this is nearly carb-free. I’ve made lighter “snack” versions with less oaxaca cheese and no avocado, relying on cotija and chorizo for salt and crunch. Last time I was in Oaxaca I had tlayuda with tasajo, an incredible Mexican beef that’s halfway between steak and jerky – going to play with making my own one day.


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