Keto Recipe: How to use Stevia leaves?

How to use Stevia leaves?

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  1. So while walking through the supermarket, my girlfriend spotted this container of Stevia leaves. Interested, I decided to buy them. I made some tea with it, but it tastes NOTHING like Stevia extract. Now I have a load of leaves and not sure what to do with them.

  2. The only videos I could find on YouTube were how to make stevia extract from the leaves. Were you wanting to do something more than that?

  3. I grow stevia every year. I then dehydrate it and mix it with the mint I also grow and make sweetened tea blends.

  4. It says you can mix it in your cooking to replace sugar, have you tried that? On the label it suggests putting it in stir fry, omelet, teas, soups, etc.

  5. No.1 says to use 5-10 leaves as a sugar alternative. It then gives examples of Thai dishes where the product can be used.

    No.2 lists beverages where this can be used.

    It doesn’t say how to prepare the actual product though.

  6. Use it instead of sugar in cooking. Make it into a tea and drink before you eat, or add it to Chinese tea.

    And Thai people wouldn’t put sugar in an omelette. But do add it to curries, stir frys etc.

    Paraphrasing Mrs S, who is Thai.

  7. I’m betting that the “stevia” you use in your coffee is actually artificial sweetener plus stevia. So plain stevia leaf just tastes kind of fragrant and herbal. Take a closer look at your packaged sweetener label.

  8. I use them as a tea. I mix a teaspoon in with my loose mint tea to get a sweeter, almost Moroccan tea. But I also drink a ton of loose tea. You could probably boil them down into a concentrate if you want, but since they’re dried I don’t know how effective that will be

  9. I would say use 5-10 leaves in 5-10 Oz of water for 5-10 minutes. Then you can be sure you got at least one part right.

  10. Once in my search for purity, I purchased unrefined stevia leaf powder and, while providing some sweetness, it was SO FRIGGING BITTER that I tossed it away. I wouldn’t recommend adding it into the recipes because of that. Though of course I am very curious what the traditional recipes and preparations there are out there!

  11. Use fresh stevia leaves as a sweetener in beverages, such as tea and lemonade, or in sauces. A few fresh stevia and mint leaves make a refreshing herbal tea when steeped in a cup of boiling water. Add fresh stevia leaves to beverages or foods as a sweet, edible garnish.


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