Keto Recipe: Instant Pot Mississippi Pulled Pork Roast

Instant Pot Mississippi Pulled Pork Roast

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  1. [Instant Pot Mississippi Pulled Pork Roast](


    •3-4 lbs pork picnic shoulder

    •1 tbsp kosher salt

    •2 tsp pepper

    •2 tbsp ranch seasoning

    •½ yellow onion

    •⅛-¼ cup pepperoncini peppers liquid

    •10-12 pepperoncini peppers

    •½ stick unsalted butter

    •1 cup water

    •1 tsp arrowroot flour

    Remove the skin from pork shoulder and place inside instant pot. Season with salt, pepper, ranch seasoning, yellow onion, pepperoncini peppers with liquid as well as unsalted butter. Mix water and arrowroot flour together to make a slurry and add to instant pot. Place lid over instant and cook for 15 mins per lb. Once finished cooking allow natural release for 15-20 minutes. Remove from instant pot and shred meat. Option reduce the remaining liquid down in a sauce pan and pour over top of pork. Enjoy!

  2. This is always a hit with the family and friends. We make it into a bowl with some cauliflower rice.


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