Keto Recipe: SE Asian style cauliflower fried ‘rice’

SE Asian style cauliflower fried 'rice'

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  1. Chop turkey bacon, carrots, and green beans into 1/2″ pieces (bacon could be larger). Pulse cauliflower florets or just used riced cauliflower. Heat tablespoon of oil or butter in a wok kr nonstick skillet. Fry bacon for about 2 mins. Add riced cauliflower. Fry until cauliflower is toasty. Add chopped garlic (1), carrots, and green beans. Fry for a few minutes. Make some room by pushing aside the vegetables, heat a tsp of oil add two eggs and fry. Mix everything. Add a tbsp of soy sauce or kecap manis (for SE Asian style). Add a tbsp of sambal olek (optional). Mix. Enjoy!

  2. Yknow, I’ve tried riced cauliflower in a variety of recipes, and it just never comes out in a way that satisfies me as a rice replacement. I do like it as a potato replacement in cheesy cauliflower soup.

  3. I can never be bothered cleaning and clipping green beans because I always cook in bulk (5 meals at a time normally) can frozen beans be used in something like this or does the being frozen throw all the cooking timings out – or is microwaving from frozen then frying considered okay?


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