Keto Recipe: Lower calorie jalapeno poppers

Lower calorie jalapeno poppers

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  1. 3 jalapenos halved and gutted

    3 tbsp of Philadelphia light cream cheese

    3 slices of prosciutto cut in half, used in place of bacon on regular jalapeño poppers

    5 net carbs, 182 calories

    Cook on 400 for 15 mins

    Optional : mix cream cheese with Buffalo sauce

    Also optional : 2 tbsp of fat free sour cream : extra 3 carbs and 20 calories

  2. Bacon wrapped jalapeños one of my favorite snacks, probably 2-3 times a week for me lol

  3. I wish more people knew using prosciutto is definitely the best. Wayyy better than bacon. I like to overcook it a bit, crispy and tastier

  4. I did some stuffed garden grown Spicy Banana peppers and Anaheim Peppers with Cream Cheese and bacon this week, delicious!

  5. I found that if I bought bacon bits and add it to the mixture it turns out so much better. You don’t have to worry about cooking the bacon too little/much. And it creates a good crunch!

  6. Mmmm. This looks so good! I love keto, but I just don’t have time to do any elaborate and complex dishes. The beauty of this dish is in its simplicity! Thank you, again! I shall try this soon. Have you tried this in air fryer?

  7. You get a 10 for bei g in the right frame of mind but we gotta talk about that what I’m gonna guess should be bacon (if it wasn’t transparent…. I mean I’ve “seen” rolling papers that were thicker).

    Sry, read the whole post thru after.
    I just get reactionary when it comes to bacon.


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