Keto Recipe: Peanuts and Coke! A Southern Delicacy.

Peanuts and Coke! A Southern Delicacy.

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  1. A Southern delicacy from my youth. I have fond memories of late afternoons at various locations with my Dad and his uncles sitting around talking. A Coke and some peanuts was quite a treat. I also remember trying to get the last half peanut out of the bottom of the bottle (glass back then) and being happy when I won the battle and it finally slid down. Those of you who don’t appreciate the taste have my sympathies. Sadly, Bell’s Palsy (year 4, about 85% recovered) makes it impossible to drink from a bottle. I’ve tried, the results aren’t pretty. Maybe some day, I can only hope.

  2. This reminds me of dipping my fries in my frosty at Wendy’s when I was a kid. Sounds awful but it’s good!

  3. Hey it’s comfort food from my childhood cornbread and buttermilk plus peanuts in my coke is just down home goodness

  4. Do it in southside VA where the first peanuts were grown in the US

  5. My instructor at the fire fighter academy did this every day. We all tried it (after we tried to grow epic mustaches like his) but it wasn’t my thing.

  6. I’ve lived in Texas all my life and I have never heard of this lol is it like a niche southern thing? Is it GOOD?

  7. My parents grew up in a rural area in the 60s and told me about this— but they used Pepsi instead. I still haven’t tried it

  8. Sissy Spacek dumps peanuts in her glass bottle of Coke in the movie, Crimes of the Heart. I believe it takes place in Mississippi. I was raised in Tennessee and often ate my peanuts this way as a kid — and I eat my cornbread (no sugar added) with a spoon in a glass of milk!

  9. Read about this in the secret life of bees and I wanted to try it. Can confirm that it is good.

  10. Never tried this before and was born in TN & family still there. Is this good in Dr Pepper? Might have to try that out

  11. Ah, one of my favorites! Checking in from Missouri, although I was taught to with diet Pepsi. Mmm, such a great snack.

  12. From the folks that brought you “Salmon and Strawberry Nesquik” and “Toothpaste and Orange Juice Pop Tarts” comes…


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