Low Budget Recipe: Enoki Mushroom Pancake Recipe

Enoki Mushroom Pancake Recipe

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  1. Simple dish made of enoki mushrooms that you can’t get enough of every day.

    [Video Recipe](https://youtu.be/ZvovfyL8h1Q) ◀︎ Here is Step by Step Video Recipe! Please turn on English subtitles.

    ## [Recipe]

    ## Ingredients

    – 200g enokimushroom
    – 80g red bell pepper
    – 10g green onion
    – 1 chilli pepper
    – 2 eggs
    – 1/2 cup pancake powder

    ## Directions

    – Cut enoki mushrooms 1cm apart.

    – Slice a red bell pepper and chop them into small pieces.

    – Slice 10g of green onions into small pieces.

    – Chop 1 chili pepper for that little spice.

    – Put all the vegetables into a mixing bowl.

    – Add 2 eggs, 1/2 cup pancake powder, 1T salt, 1t pepper, 1T minced garlic, and mix well.

    – On high heat, add plenty of cooking oil

    – Then, reduce to low heat and fry the enoki mushroom mix.

    – Once one side is cooked well, turn it upside down and continue to cook on a medium heat.


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