Low Budget Recipe: Cherry Tomato Omelette Recipe ??

Cherry Tomato Omelette Recipe ??

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  1. Omelette Recipe with Cherry Tomato and Mozzarella Cheese! Everyone can’t help but like it once they taste it. Especially kids love it insanely!

    [Video Recipe](https://youtu.be/m7lAqliHXvI) ◀︎ Here is Step by Step Video Recipe! Please turn on English subtitles.

    ## [Recipe]

    ## Ingredients

    – 20 cherry tomatoes

    – 2 eggs

    – 200 grams of mozzarella cheese

    – 1T of potato starch

    ## Directions

    – Prepare 20 cherry tomatoes by cutting them in half.

    – Coat the pan with olive oil and stir-fry cherry tomatoes with salt and pepper.

    – Break 2 eggs into a mixing bowl, add 1/2t of salt, 1t of sugar, 1T of potato starch, and mix well.

    – Put egg wash in a pan with olive oil and reduce the heat to low.

    – On top of the egg wash, put the stir-fried cherry tomato and lots of mozzarella cheese.

    – Finally, sprinkle green onions on top and cover the pan to wait for the cheese to melt.


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