Low Budget Recipe: Easiest French Toast ever, a Classic Toast Recipe…Quick and Easy Breakfast no Oven ?

Easiest French Toast ever, a Classic Toast Recipe...Quick and Easy Breakfast no Oven ?

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  1. Ingredients for French Toast:

    For the French Toast batter
    2 eggs

    ¼ cup of milk.

    You could also use cream or half-and-half.

    1 tsp sugar (optional)

    ¼  of cinnamon,

    ¼ pepper

    ¼ of salt.
    and using a fork just whisk these ingredients together and  make sure that all the eggs are completely smooth, the milk kind of helps break the eggs.

    For the bread
    3 slices of bread
    I am using regular sandwich bread, It’s kind of a dry bread crummy bread. And these particular slices are about three quarters of an inch step. You want a thick bread for this. I’m just using this regular sandwich bread you can use brioche. If you want or French bread, you know, whatever kind of bread that you like, regular bread makes the best French toast to me. Now get a frying pan over medium-high heat,  add about a teaspoon of vegetable oil as well as just a little thumb of butter. Now the reason I add both vegetable oil and butter is because butter has a natural nonstick property to it, but the vegetable oil raises the burning point of the butters so The butter doesn’t burn .

    Really don’t want burned butter on your French toast. So that’s why I do both. And you want to make sure that your butter and oil are hot before you add in your first piece of French toast. Otherwise, your French toast is going to stick and you don’t want that. And you know, when it’s ready. When the solids, the milk solids in the butter start to Brown. That is your French toast is ready.

    flip the other side of the French toast over.
    Now, a lot of recipes for french toast call for you to soak the bread. I do not like soaked bread for french toast, but if you do, no problem I don’t I like my French toast custardy.
    I’m just going to let this go for a couple minutes until it gets nice and golden brown on the bottom, don’t be tempted to move your bread around, let the heat do its work,  make sure that it is nice and golden brown, and then you can go ahead and remove that off to the plate.
    and just a little bit more butter and vegetable oil to your pan between each slice and continue, frying up the rest of your French toast.

    And then you can go ahead and pour some Delicious maple syrup right over the FrenchToast. If you’re feeling extra, decadent dust the top with a little bit of powder, you can serve these with fried eggs and bacon on the side, or if you want just like a little bowl of fresh fruit. Would be delicious. french toast is a simple meal.[click here for more details ](https://youtu.be/TsjzVJ0n1dA)

  2. I buy chunky cinnamon bread for my french toast. And dip it into a egg and milk or cream mixture. Then fry. Never had any complaints.

  3. My french toast recipe is easier. I beat some eggs in a pie tin, dip bread in it, then fry the bread in a skillet with a little oil or lard. Once they’re cooked I put them on a plate and add lots of butter. I like mine savory so that’s all I do but you can sprinkle cinnamon and add syrup and/or whip cream if you want. Boom, easy.

  4. What the fuck is wrong with you when you need 4 paragraphs for the “easiest french toast ever”

    Nothing here is easier than any french toast recipe i have ever seen.


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