Keto Recipe: The Keto Breakfast Za

The Keto Breakfast Za

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  1. Low carb protein wrap from aldis
    Two eggs
    A little chopped Red onion and yellow pepper
    One slice of bacon chopped
    Salt. Pepper. Butter. Frank’s
    Pepper jack cheese

    Toast the wrap first on a skillet. Both sides. Take it out and then throw the veggies on for a few minutes. Then the bacon. Then the eggs. Then pepper jack cheese. Let cook for a minute then put the wrap on top of everything and flip onto a plate. Frank’s red hot. Admire plate. Eat

    Edit: I guess I have no idea how to write effectively on Reddit!

  2. Thanks for the write up!! I’m excited to see a stove-top recipe!! Most of the recipes I’m seeing all involve the use of an oven, and in the recent heatwave that’s a big no-go for me. This is like an upside down pizza~!

  3. This looks incredible.

    I do not like it when pizza is called “za” however.

    Still might try it.


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