Low Budget Recipe: 15 Minutes ?Traffic Light Rolled Egg Omelette Recipe

15 Minutes ?Traffic Light Rolled Egg Omelette Recipe

Download 15 Minutes ?Traffic Light Rolled Egg Omelette Recipe Recipe

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  1. A dish where you can feel the health in a variety of ways with just one egg roll! An egg dish that can be prepared quickly in 15 minutes. Traffic light egg rolls! It’s not difficult at all.

    ## Recipe

    ## Ingredients

    – 6 eggs
    – 60g mozzarella cheese
    – 80g cucumber
    – 60g carrots
    – 60g Red bell pepper
    – 3 sheets of half-cut seaweed

    ## Directions

    [Step by Step Video Recipe](https://youtu.be/axgCAI1CfP4) ◀︎ Turn on English SUB.

    – Put 6 eggs into a mixing bowl, and add 1/2T salt.
    – Heat pan with oil before mixing.
    – After mixing the eggs well, pour egg-wash into a heated pan and fry a sheet of egg.
    – Peeled 80g cucumber and remove the seeds, and slice thinly.
    – 60g of red bell pepper, slice thinly.
    – Slice 60g of carrot thinly, and shred them.
    – Put each ingredient into half-cut seaweed.
    – Brush egg-wash on the end of seaweed and roll it.
    – Place mozzarella cheese on the cooked egg.
    – Place them in the order of red, orange, and green, top with mozzarella cheese and roll up.
    – Heat the pan with a little cooking oil and pour in the egg-wash
    – Place the egg roll in the middle and roll it up.
    – Pour the egg-wash into the pan and roll it 3 to 4 times.


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