Keto Cheese Burger tonight!


Keto Cheese Burger tonight!

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  1. Recipe

    1. Ground beef 80/20 mixed with ground turkey
    2. Shape in patty shape with cutter or by hand
    3. Layer between wax paper and let freeze for 30 min (preference) or can store away till time to cook.
    4. Pan fry or grill each side 3 mins.
    5. Add your cheese last and cover with lid for 20 sec.
    6. Layer your Lettuce, tomatoes etc
    7. Take photo(s)
    8. Enjoy!

  2. If you haven’t already tried it, butter lettuce gives a much better texture and taste, as opposed to romaine, when used as a wrap/bread replacement. Either way, looks great

  3. MysteriousApricot559

    You need to frame this.

  4. Looks great !! Minus the onion ?

  5. Oh curse you – I’m almost 29 weeks pregnant with twins and I want this so bad right now! This looks tasty and amazing!

  6. PrestigiousDamage773

    Looks great thanks for sharing

  7. I never knew I could fall in love with a burger!

  8. Gorgeous! And look at that yummy pickle!

  9. Tried this as a keto newb and it’s tastier than it looks.

  10. Unff I was just thinking about burgers. You’ve convinced me.

  11. Endurable_Cheetah

    Now, Imagine Kosher Dills. Sliced thick. Better than lettuce! Looks really good!

  12. Looks good!

    Cauliflower thins are my new go to for buns. They sell them at costco now.


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